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Living in Philippines Vs Vietnam

I have travelled extensively across both countries and deciding where to live is no easy decision. So here I will compare the pros and...

Eastern European Women – Dating Advice

In 2019 I travelled across Eastern Europe, including: Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, and Hungary. I can confidently say...

Ukrainian Women – Dating Advice

Ukrainian women are gold diggers. If there was an award for the world's biggest gold diggers, Ukrainian and Russian women would come in at...

Filipino Women – Dating Advice

If you like Asian women then the Philippines is the best place on earth to meet women, period. Filipino women are the easiest women...

Vietnamese Women – Dating Advice

Vietnamese women are extremely conservative, rude, and picky. They are among the worst women in the world - almost as bad as western women.  When...