Eastern European Women – Dating Advice


In 2019 I travelled across Eastern Europe, including: Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, and Hungary. I can confidently say that dating for men in Eastern Europe is over. Eastern European women are now just as picky and entitled as western women.

What I was most disappointed about was Poland. I had heard great things about Polish women. But sadly, this country has also been ruined by a combination of feminism and hordes of western guys.

In the past 10 years we have seen an increase in budget airlines flying to Poland from places in Western Europe – particularly the UK. As you can imagine, this has increased the number of western men that have come over, especially from the UK. Many British guys visit Poland to party, get blind drunk, and hit on women. As a result, polish women have increased their bitch shields dramatically. They have also got a lot pickier. This is very sad to see, as Poland used to be a great place for women.

Polish women have become a lot more westernised. You can notice the decline in their fashion style, their attitudes,  and an increase in tattoos. Feminism has made its way into Poland from Western Europe and it will only get worse.

It’s the same story everywhere else in Eastern Europe. I struggled to get any matches with Eastern European women on tinder all over Eastern Europe. Eastern European women have simply become way too picky. I also only got laid once in 2 months here. Even finding a woman to date was extremely difficult.

Unfortunately Eastern Europe is done, finished. The good old days of easy Eastern European women and pussy are long gone. You’re much better off heading to parts of Asia (eg the Philippines) or South America for better and easier women.



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