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If you like Asian women then the Philippines is the best place on earth to meet women, period. Filipino women are the easiest women to date on the planet.

There is no other place in the world where you will feel so desired as a man. The amount of attention you will receive from women will just blow your mind. This is as close as you will get to experiencing what western women feel on a daily basis when it comes to dating.

Any man who does poorly with dating or sex in the west will do very well in the Philippines. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old, bald, ugly or overweight – if you’re white then Filipino women will love you. Of course being younger and attractive will gain more success, however pretty much any man can find a woman in the Philippines. In fact I have never heard of a man who has gone to the Philippines and failed. It actually seems impossible to fail there unless you fuck up really bad or you’re just plain retarded. If you can’t get laid in the Philippines then you may as well just kill yourself. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Older guys who are 50+ will do quite well here. Therefore it should be no surprise that places like Dumagute are full of retired western men (particularly American men). Like Colombia, huge age gaps are very acceptable in the Philippines. I am 36 and even managed to hook up with a stunning 18 year old. This would never be possible in the west unless you paid her. She told me that her ex boyfriend was a 45 year old American dude. I also once hooked up with a 24 year old who’s ex boyfriend was… wait for it … 75 years old! Naturally this was a sponsorship situation though.

I had previously heard of many success stories from guys who had been to the Philippines. Therefore I needed to check this place out for myself. Prior to arriving in the Philippines I set my Tinder location to Manila and was flabbergasted at the number of likes I received. Within two days I had received 320 matches and this was after filtering out all the ladyboys. What’s more is that the majority of women actually initiated sending me a message first. At one point I had received so many messages that it crashed my phone. I had also heard about Filipino Cupid so I signed up and paid for a premium membership. Before I had even finished creating my profile I was already receiving several messages. Filipino Cupid is one of the best sites for meeting Filipinas, as there is much less competition. I highly recommend signing up for the platinum option. Please use this link to sign up!

A few weeks before arriving in the Philippines I had already lined up several Filipino women to meet. It was practically effortless and I almost didn’t have to do anything. Most of the time the girls actually begged me to meet them in the first conversation. For example it would normally go like “you’re so handsome! I want to meet you! When can we meet?”. One girl was so keen to meet me that she even offered to drive two hours in peak traffic to pick me up from the airport.

Filipino women
Filipino women

On the day I arrived I had a “golden touchdown”. This is when you manage to bang a woman within 24 hours of arriving in a new destination. I could have even had more that day but I was very exhausted from travelling on an early morning flight. In that following week I had manage to sleep with seven different Filipino women in Manila. On one occasion there were two on the same day. I could have pushed it to 3 per day if I wanted but even that was a little too much for me.

I was shocked at how easy it was to get laid in the Philippines, particularly in Manila. Keep in mind that none of these were with prostitutes, they were all with regular girls that just wanted sex. No game was required. All I simply did was ask “hey do you want to come over and have some fun?”. Soon after they would arrive at my door and 30 minutes later we would be down to business. I couldn’t believe how easy this was, and thought it had to be some sort of dream. Never had I felt this desired in my entire life. I said to myself “now I know what it feels like to be a western woman in the west. No wonder they are so happy.” There is no way that a man could get laid this easily in western countries.

Filipino women
Filipino women
Filipino women
Filipino women

After Manila I went to other various locations in the Philippines that were in the provinces. Although I was still successful here, I realised that most of the women were a lot more conservative. As a result, more effort was required to get them into bed. However I was also looking for a nice girl who would be suitable for something long-term. Unfortunately my biggest hurdle was finding a Filipino woman that doesn’t want kids. About 99.9% of filipinas desperately want marriage and kids. As I never want kids or marriage, it was almost impossible to find a woman who didn’t want either of these.

On one occasion I met a really nice girl in the province town who was a teacher. As she was working on the day I arrived, she invited me to her school to meet her. As I walked through the gates of the school hundreds of students stared at me crowded around. They got really excited and were saying hello while others were screaming as if I was some kind of rockstar or celebrity. There were several girls who told me that I’m handsome. The feeling was so surreal and I have never experienced anything like this in my life. It really did feel like I was a rock star.

When I sat in her classroom I noticed a few girls were constantly staring at me and smiling. The experience I had this day is something I will never forget. It felt so nice to be desired and special. It made me realise my true value here. In the Philippines I was actually worth something, and damn it felt good.

This wasn’t one isolated incident. On another occasion I went to a small island and rode a motorbike around through some villages. I happened to ride past the local school just when it was finishing. A few hundred students were all staring at me and yelling out hello and “you’re so handsome” etc. I got stares everywhere I went and it times it felt like I had hundreds of eyes on me.

So why are girls in the Philippines so much easier to date the other girls in the world? I believe there are a number of factors. The first and most important one is the fact that there aren’t many foreign guys in the Philippines compared to places such as Vietnam or Thailand. In many places you will be one of the only, if not the only foreign person there. As a result of hardly any foreign men, the demand outstrips supply of filipinas. This makes them compete for a smallish number of foreign men available. As a result it means they aren’t as picky and take whatever option is available.

I have spoken to many Filipino women who say they barely get any matches on Tinder or messages on dating sites such as Filipino Cupid. The second reason is that they speak fluent English in the Philippines. This means that you don’t have to contend with the language barrier and girls are more confident in speaking with you. The third reason is that most Filipino women don’t like Filipino guys because they don’t treat them very well. I met a number of Filipino women that said they don’t even date Filipino guys.

Filipino women

On the whole I found most Filipino women to be very sweet, caring and easy to talk to. On one occasion I fell ill with the flu and I thought it may have been dengue fever. That night I had planned to meet up with a girl in Manila and I told her that maybe it’s best if she doesn’t come because I was about to go to hospital. She was rather concerned and said that she would like to come with me. She ended up staying by my bedside in hospital for the entire day. This showed me just how caring and dedicated Filipino women can be if you become sick or unwell. I was surprised at her dedication when I had only just met her that day.

The main disadvantage of Filipino women is that most of them are rather simple minded with a low level of education. It is therefore difficult to have an in-depth conversation with them. For example, conversation often won’t go past things like “have you ate today” – one of their favourite questions. Most of them are also not very worldly and have never left the Philippines. Another disadvantage is that they can be too closely tied to their family. This means that if you were to ever marry a Filipino woman you’re also marrying her entire family.

There are some very attractive Filipino women but most of them are average looking – 6 out of 10. There are also many overweight and this has been increasing. Having said that there are still a lot of slim girls with nice bodies. However if you’re a guy who loves big boobs and arse you’ll be disappointed and may prefer Latina women. Most of the Filipino women I met were between 40 and 50 kg with a height of around 150 cm (5 foot). Filipino women are some of the shortest girls in Asia. One thing I noticed about them is that many of them had poor teeth. This is unlike Vietnamese women who generally have very good teeth. Filipino women also tend to dress rather casually and not as feminine as other women you would find in Asia.

One thing I liked about Filipino women is that you can tell or ask them almost anything and they will never block you. Even if you say the most perverted things, the worst they will do is not respond for a little while. The next day they will then send you a message as if it never happened! This is such a contrast to western women who will block you at the drop of a hat, even if you say something they disagree with. I also found they are very easy to persuade. If they say no to sex the first time, they will later change their mind when they realise they have no other options. Gotta love the lack of competition here.

Filipino women
Filipino women
Filipino women
Filipino women

It should be noted that most girls in the provinces aren’t as easy when it comes to sex. They are far more conservative than girls in Manila for example. While they make great long term material, they won’t be up for some fun or ONS. Even when a Filipino woman rejects your offer for sex, she is still polite about it and won’t even block you! Whereas western women are likely to respond with “fuck off creep” and block. Take a look at this example of a province girl politely declining my offer.

Filipino women

Filipino women

Although most Filipino women are sweet, there are still some crazy ones to watch out for. One girl I banged begged me not to use a condom. I asked “aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?” She said “no, I want to have a half white baby. Don’t worry you don’t need to stay around to look after it!”. I was shocked and you can be sure I wrapped it up. Afterwards she left in a hurry because she needed to attend church. You can’t make this shit up!

In summary, the Philippines is the best place on earth for women. Gentlemen, this is as good as it ever gets. Whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or just sex, the Philippines is paradise for both. You absolutely cannot fail here, and if you do then there is something very wrong with you.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself, I would suggest staying in Manila for the most options and easiest women. Try and stay in Makati area as it is the most central and you won’t have to deal with the horrendous traffic. Airbnb will be the cheapest option.

If you don’t yet have an account with Airbnb, use this referral link to sign up and get FREE credit on your first stay!

Attractiveness: 6/10

Friendliness: 10/10

Affectionate: 9/10

Intelligence: 5/10

Ease of sex: 10/10

Competition level: Very low

Gold digging level: medium

Overall: 8/10


    • Interesting you had this experience, usually they aren’t like this at all. Yeah Manila is awesome for ONS, but if you want a girl who is relationship material then the provinces are better.

  1. Didn’t have much luck 8 years ago, mostly prostitutes or girls looking for (instant) marriage. At that time it was no better or worse than Thailand, I’d say. Indonesia was easier. Would you say PI got easier due to Tinder?

    • Yes you’re right, relationships happen very quickly in the Philippines and many do want to get married quickly. This is especially the case in the provinces.

      Remember the golden rule though, never ever bring her back to the west.

      • “Never ever bring her back to the west”

        This rule only applies to retirees (60 years old or older) or the lucky few who have a decent portable job, e.g. freelance software development. The chances of finding a job that pays decent money in the Philippines is very low and the chances to find it in the province are precisely zero.

    • Yes Tinder is by far the worst app in the Philippines to get laid at least for me. Ladyboys, hookers, cunty annoying socialite wannabe attention whores. In fact Tinder in Vietnam is better 10x.

      DiA, Badoo, Fil Cupid are all much better alternatives that’ll get you laid quickly.

      • Yeah the ladyboys in the Philippines are a pain, I would guess about 50% on tinder are ladyboys. They ruin it for everyone because it means we always have to ask “are you a ladyboy?” And if she isn’t then often she will be offended that you asked.

        Online dating sucks in Vietnam, but at least you don’t have the issue of ladyboys on tinder.


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