Living in Philippines Vs Vietnam


I have travelled extensively across both countries and deciding where to live is no easy decision. So here I will compare the pros and cons of living in Philippines Vs Vietnam.



  • English speaking
  • Easiest women for dating/sex on the planet.
  • Friendly people
  • Some great beaches and many islands
  • Hardly any foreigners and tourists


  • More expensive than Vietnam
  • Terrible food
  • Terrible internet
  • Dirtier then Vietnam in most places
  • Electrical outages (especially in provinces)
  • More noise from barking dogs and roosters



  • Very cheap
  • Excellent food
  • Good internet speeds
  • More motorbikes as transport
  • Generally clean for a developing country


  • Very rude, conservative, and picky women
  • Too many foreigners
  • Lack of English
  • Pollution in major cities


People from the west want to live in either countries for a variety of reasons. Some of these are:

  • Cheap retirement
  • Low cost of living
  • Digital nomad
  • Wanting to escape feminism
  • Tired of the nanny state (lots of rules/laws)
  • Want to find a foreign girlfriend/wife
  • Higher quality women than the west
  • Want to be more respected as a man
  • Exotic factor
  • Regular sex
  • More freedom
  • Warm climate

Personally I consider the most important aspects of a country to be these aspects: internet, language, food, dating and people, accomodation, and nature. So let’s compare living in Philippines Vs Vietnam based on these aspects.


When it comes to internet speed and reliability, Vietnam wins hands down. Throughout Vietnam I consistently got speeds of about 30mbps, even in smaller cities. Internet was also very reliable.

In the Philippines the internet is terrible. Despite areas stating they have 100mbit fiber, you will never get these speeds. Both cellular and fixed line connections averaged about 2-3mbit in most areas. The connection is also very unreliable with drop outs.

If you’re a digital nomad then Vietnam will be a better option.

Winner: Vietnam


In Vietnam there is quite a language barrier, especially in province areas. Most people over the age of 35 do not speak any English. However some people under 35 do speak some English to varying degrees. Communication will be very difficult at times.

In the Philippines people speak fluent English. This makes it much easier to communicate with people in day to day life and dating.

Winner: Philippines


Vietnam wins here by a huge margin. Food quality is great, plentiful, healthy, and very cheap. Wherever you go you’ll find restaurants and street food. Food is also very fresh.

The Philippines has terrible food. Most of it is similar to western culture with fast food chains. Therefore most of the food is unhealthy and of poor quality. There is also a lot less variety of food in the Philippines compared to Vietnam. Food is also 2-3 times more expensive as Vietnam.

Winner: Vietnam

Dating & People

The Philippines wins here by a huge margin. The Philippines is the best place for dating in the world. Filipino women are very friendly, open to sex (in the main cities), and love caucasian guys. Dating is extremely easy and the options are endless. There is also much less competition due to the lack of foreign guys. As mentioned the Philippines is also a lot better for older men over 50+, as large age gaps are acceptable here.

Vietnam is terrible for dating. In fact it is only marginally better than the west. This is primarily due to high levels of competition from other caucasian guys. Most Vietnamese women are rude, uptight, highly conservative and often insulting. If dating is important to you then you should not consider living in Vietnam.

I also found Filipinos to be more welcoming, friendly, and hospitable than most Vietnamese. It would also be a lot easier to make friends in the Philippines than Vietnam.

If you want a higher exotic factor then the Philippines also wins. The Philippines has significantly less tourists and expats compared to Vietnam. There are many provinces where you’ll be the only foreigner in town. Even in Manila you won’t see many foreigners compared to HCMC or Hanoi.

Winner: Philippines


Vietnam wins here. Accommodation is a lot cheaper than in the Philippines. This is largely due to a current oversupply of apartments in Vietnam. The quality of apartments is also generally a bit higher in Vietnam.

When you first move to either country the best option is Airbnb. Airbnb has completely furnished apartments that can be rented without a lease or contract. When you rent a place for a month or longer you often get significant discounts (often up to 40-50%). The price of utilities (e.g electricity, water, gas, internet) is also included. You can find some amazing bargains on Airbnb.

If you don’t yet have an account with Airbnb, use this referral link to sign up and get FREE credit on your first stay!

If you are staying in either country long term, then you may be better off getting an apartment with a long term lease. However this also means you’ll have to buy your own furniture.

Winner: Vietnam


Both countries have a lot of nature to offer but the Philippines wins by a small margin. The Philippines is composed of over 7000 islands. Therefore it is better for beaches and water sports such as diving.

I also felt that the Philippines has a lot more places unspoilt by tourists. In Vietnam many places have become tourist traps with too many tourists to enjoy the nature.

Winner: Philippines


As you can see there are many pros and cons of living in Philippines Vs Vietnam. What you decide will really depend on your needs and requirements. However since most of us on here are interested in dating, the best option will be the Philippines. To have the best of both worlds you could live in the Philippines for a while to find a nice Filipina, then take her with you to live in Vietnam. Generally Vietnam is more developed than the Philippines and you’ll have a higher standard of living at a lower cost.


  1. Philippines might be more expensive for rent but it’s easier to deal with landlords there. They let you pay late usually. Many times they advertise 2 months deposit but they don’t end up taking any deposit at all in some cases. Or they’ll take partial payment.

    In Vietnam landlords (especially female landlords and management) are hard asses and uptight and they’ll even ask for payments early, charge you for every little thing and are very bad about upkeep and maintenance.

    The real apartments in Vietnam are just as expensive or more than Philippines in my opinion. I’m talking about high rise condos with gyms and pools along with other amenities. High end stuff like Vinhomes, Manor, and Sun Avenue average 700-900 usd a month plus utilities. Gramercy and Knightsbridge and The Beacon in Makati are way cheaper plus you have stuff like SMDC Grass or Wind budget condos with gym / pool for $250 to 300 a month and girls will still come over.

    No such things as budget condos in Vietnam because HCMC isn’t a condo city like Manila so you are stuck with shitty over decorated rooms in midrise share houses for 400-500 bucks OR condos waaay outside the city center that girls will be reluctant to travel to.

    I should do a blog on this too lol.


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