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Vietnamese women are extremely conservative, rude, and picky. They are among the worst women in the world – almost as bad as western women. 

When I first arrived in Hanoi I was shocked at the number of caucasian people around. In the old quarter part of the city it seemed as if there were almost as many caucasian people as they were Vietnamese. This was a huge contrast to the Philippines where sometimes I would be the only caucasian person in the town. Even in Manila, the biggest city in the Philippines, I would rarely see another caucasian person.

I was very disappointed to see this many foreign men as I knew it means that competition levels were high and the women would be more picky. The women here could afford to be picky as they had many options to choose from. In addition it means their bitch shields are much higher because many horny foreign guys have already tried to have sex with them. When you combine this an extremely conservative culture you have a recipe for disaster.

I found most Vietnamese women to be extremely rude and uptight. As soon as I told them that I am only here for a month they would automatically assume that I am a sex tourist backpacker. In other words guilty until proven innocent.

Vietnamese women If you come here looking for fun or one night stands you’ll be very disappointed. Although there are some girls who are up for it, it will prove to be very difficult and frustrating. Even a kiss on the second date is too fast for these girls! Vietnamese girls date at a snails pace and it will really test your patience.

Vietnamese women

The only reason you would come to Vietnam is to find a girl for a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage. Even so, you will find it very frustrating having to sift through a lot of rude girls with high bitch shields. These girls are very calculating and highly suspicious of your motives. Throughout my world travel I found Vietnamese women to be the rudest and most frustrating women I have ever met. Only second to this would be Colombian women who are also known to be quite conservative with high bitch shields. Again this is due to the hordes of foreign guys that have descended upon Colombia, especially in places like Medellín.

Unlike Filipino women, Vietnamese women will rarely reply to your messages online. I would estimate about 10% of Vietnamese women will reply to a message. Surprisingly this is actually about the same odds as a western woman replying to a message. Furthermore, Vietnamese women will never initiate messages. Again this is a huge contrast to Filipino women, who are known to flood your inbox with many messages.

Vietnamese women are very hesitant to meet up with you until you have been chatting with them online for some time. I had a number of occasions where I’ve asked a Vietnamese girl if she would like to meet. Her response is usually “I don’t think so because I don’t know yet.” In contrast filipinas a very keen to meet. They will often ask “I want to meet you! when can we meet?” in the first conversation.

Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women

Like Aussie women, Vietnamese women are very quick on the block button. They will block you for any reason at all. Most of the time you won’t even know why. Maybe they assumed you’re a sex tourist. Or maybe they simply thought you aren’t entertaining enough. Or maybe a better offer came along due to thousands of foreign guys here. In contrast it is almost impossible to get a Filipino woman to block you. You can throw the most perverted things at them and the worst they’ll do is not respond for a while. The following day they magically forget about it and send you a message as if nothing ever happened!

Vietnamese women are often downright insulting. I’ve been randomly told I’m “ugly” during mid conversation or after asking a question. They will almost never compliment you on your appearance unless you happen to be Brad Pitt. These girls see thousands of caucasian guys pass through their city so you are nothing special to them. Meanwhile Filipino women will constantly compliment you and tell you that you’re handsome.

Vietnamese women


Vietnamese women

Here are some examples of their plain rudeness:

Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women

Im the last conversation (above) it should be noted that this was a test to see how they react and how open they are. You can often tell a lot about a woman by the way she reacts and responds. I am quite aware that mentioning sex in the first message is a bad idea (unless you’re talking to a Filipino woman in Manila). However compare this rude response to the polite one from a Filipino woman. If a Vietnamese women is so triggered/angered by such a polite proposal, can you imagine what else she would be triggered/angered by? See where I’m going with this? 

The only few positives of Vietnamese women is that they are probably among the most attractive asians, and are generally well educated and intelligent. Vietnamese women do dress rather well, and look after themselves. Most of them also have great teeth, unlike a lot of Filipino women. However I have noticed more Vietnamese women with tattoos, another sign of being corrupted from western culture.

Online dating sucks in Vietnam and is just as difficult as the west. There are simply way too many foreign guys here so competition is high. However if you still want to give it a go the best option is the site Vietnamese Cupid. Here you will find much less competition than tinder. Use this link to sign up! I highly recommend paying for the platinum option. 

Another good way to meet young college women in Vietnam is to simply sit in a park late afternoon. Within an hour you’re likely to get approached by a student who is keen to practice her English with a foreigner. This is the only time you’ll ever be approached by women in Vietnam. One of the best hotspots for this is Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi. I had several English students approach me here one afternoon, including a cute 19 year old. We ended up talking for 2 hours and walked around the lake. Sadly nothing came of it as she was extremely conservative and not very open minded.

In summary do not waste your time with Vietnamese women. They will frustrate the hell out of you with their rudeness, high bitch shields, and extremely conservative nature. Many other men agree that Vietnam is finished. From what I hear Vietnam used to be a great place for foreign women, but that day is long gone. You can thank the hordes of western guys for that.

Attractiveness: 7/10

Friendliness: 1/10

Affectionate: 1/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Ease of sex: 2/10

Gold digging level: medium

Competition level: extremely high

Overall: 3.6/10


  1. Vietnam is the absolute fucking worst for women.

    You have so much competition that isnt quite apparent at first glance. There are thousands of long term single male ESL teachers living in that shithole and dating / fucking at least 3 or 4 womem at the same time so newcomers are at a disadvantage.

    Every bitch you swipe on through Tinder already has like 2 fuck buddies or a boyfriend so you are just playing the waiting game.

    Plenty of oldfag retired exmilitary or economic migrants flashing cash. They pick up some of the better looking women off the market and play the long game. They rent decent condos, they dress well and they do the 3 to 5 required dates to get mediocre starfish sex from these repressed cunts.

    And thus is just foreigners. Up and coming locals or Nouveau riche Viets flood the big cities and can afford to give top shelf girls the lifestyle they want. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    DO NOT come here for women. All the posts online saying vn women are sweet and kind and conservative is bullshit. The women are sharks and are rude feminist cunts do you communism and the hollywood influence and the growing economy.


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